Defensively, the Seahawks superior Lectra lion

Early in October 5, 2015, the last game of the wholesale jerseys in the fourth round in Seattle. The main floor combat the Seahawks hopes in the star running back David Lynch of the injury under harvest game winning streak, and came to challenge the Detroit Lions do not want to become the only winless team in the four weeks after the end of. But after a defensive battle, lions Johnson missed Juesha opportunities haiying. The swallow bitter season four game losing streak.
The first section of the game both sides of the defensive team performed well, the two sides of the offensive team of the four attack did not score the other half. Replace Lynch starting running back Rawls (Thomas Rawls) in the first quarter to undertake a number of tasks to promote, but with little success. The first section of the game between the two sides of a quiz.

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The second section of the game, Seahawks quarterback Wilson (Russell Wilson) first found a state, two wonderful pass broke the deadlock in the field. The ball is touchdown pass to wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin). Lions also play with the score had not resigned to playing second fiddle. At the end of the first half before the game, the Seahawks and touchdown opportunity. But Wilson two was sacked, but with a 51 yard shot at the end of the half to slightly ahead of 10:3.
The third quarter, the Seahawks with a 52 yard shot will lead to 10 points, after the two sides continue to swap the ball right, who can’t again to rewrite the score. The Seahawks took a 13:3 lead into the fourth quarter for the.

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The fourth quarter of the game, Hai Ying advanced attack, but Wilson appeared to drop the ball. But lions quarterback Stafford (Matthew Stafford) still can not find good, ball inefficient red Abdullah (Ameer Abdullah) and Calvin Johnson was tightly pegged. The lion can only continue to punt. But Wilson appeared in this section second of this lion dropped the ball, the defense will be successful conversion into failure Seahawks touchdown. Only 10:13 behind the sea lion. With the Seahawks attack once again failed, the lion ushered in an excellent opportunity to comeback. The Seahawks defense group physical decline males successfully advanced to the Seahawks red zone, but Johnson in up front, is chancellor (Kam Chancellor from behind a fist hit the ball out. Only the code, the male lion can reverse the situation, is the code for lion bitter to swallow 4 successive defeats, become so far the only a winless team.

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Data, Wilson 26 pass 20 get 287 yards and 1 time passing touchdowns, but 10 times to punch the ball get 40 yards and contributing to the lion twice lost ball turnovers. The 35 lions quarterback Staffordshire pass get 203 yards 24, the touchdown.