4 Easy Ways To Make Your Perfume Last — Save Money With Kim Kardashian’s Tips!

Human beings are basic animals and there is no denying to that. One of the most important things that people must remember is the fact that scents seem to tantalize our senses. This is something that certainly works. This is probably only one reason why the scents are so essential to the people.

Having perfumes can definitely leave an impact on the people that they can get hardly get over with. There is completely no doubt in the fact that the perfumes maybe expensive but we don’t compromise on buying these.

The only problem that we often have to deal with, is the fact that the perfumes hardly last long. And if they do, we find it to be our good days. Also, often we use the least of it to make sure that it lasts long.

Interviews with various celebrities like Katie Lowes, Betsy Beers, Dwayne Johnson and Robert Robert Simonds in Deadline have revealed plenty of interesting insights on Hollywood. However, what would an interaction with Kim Kardashian reveal? Insights on fashion ofcourse! The socialite, fashionista and amazing entrepreneur with her own chain of perfumes have some important tips to share with you.

Her tip:

Practically she has one tip that can be further divided into 4 more. According to Kin Kardashian, perfumes are supposed to be applied to the core or the pulse points on your body. So what are these pulse points?

Well, these are exactly where feeling your heartbeat is a possibility. Yes, these points often have faster blood flow. And this results in warming of the area. People must understand that the faster the blood flows, the hotter the area would be. There is completely no doubt in the fact that the warmth will help in spreading of the perfume in other areas and for greater distances.

Thus, the amount of perfume that you will have to use would be less. Isn’t this a genius idea or what? You can absolutely gain a lot of great results using this tip. So let us understand that what exactly are these pulse points, rather 4 important tips!

4 important tips:

Following are the four major tips that you can use in order to make the perfume last longer:

  • Apply behind the knees:

The area behind the knees is definitely an area that needs to be taken into consideration. This is an area that can regulate the blood flow much more and heat up the area. This leads into spreading of the perfume into much larger surface of the area.

  • Apply in the elbow:

Applying the perfume in the inside area of the elbow is of course another important thing that the people can get through with. This will help them with better spreading of the perfume. It almost covers the entirety of the upper body.

  • The hair:

Not a pulse point but then again, this helps the fragrance surround you completely. After all, when you move, the fragrance will also move.

  • The belly button:

This is again not a pulse point. But then again, this is one point that is extremely heated. With good amount of heating, the fragrance also spreads.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you with the correct utilization of your expensive perfume nevertheless.

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