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Tips To Make the Best & Cheapest Organic Weed Killer

A proven and simple fact is that you cannot prevent weed 100%. But you can reduce the extent to which weeds spring up in your garden or plot. These days, everyone is going green about how they control weed because of the effect a lot of chemical herbicide is having on human health. Using of natural herbicide is now the best weed killer approach.

There are many weed killers available in the market which are rich in chemicals and if applied on your field may damage your other plants.

To make sure your other plants are not harmed and to get the best results from your weed killer, it is always advised to opt for natural weed killers.

In this article, we are going to discuss tips on how you can make a cheap organic weed killer with only 3 ingredients.  The process of making this herbicide is simple and down to earth, so it requires zero technical knowledge when making it.

Cheapest Organic Weed Killer

For some, it might sound impossible to make an organic weed killer that is effective with just only 3 ingredients you might have in your kitchen or store right now.

The first of all is White vinegar- The simple and ordinary white vinegar with 5% acidity is the first ingredient in making the herbicide. Though you have the option of also using vinegar with 20% acidity to get a faster result, but if you have a tight budget it would be wise to stick to vinegar with only 5% acidic level.

The second ingredient is table salt-All you need is a common table salt, not a fancy and expensive salt, you just need a basic unionized or iodized salt and that is all.

The third ingredient is a liquid dishwashing soap- The brand of the soap does not matter, all you need is just a few drops of it, in other to make the white vinegar stick to weeds.

How to use in areas that will be replanted

If you want to kill the weed in an area that you will replant in the future, here is the procedure for making your natural herbicide.

  • fill up your sprayer with white vinegar
  • add a teaspoon of liquids washing soap
  • Apply the solution on areas with undesirable plants.

How to use in areas you don’t plan on using to grow plants again.

  • Mix one gallon of vinegar with two cups of ordinary table salt in a large container
  • Shake the solution until the salts dissolved totally.
  • Add a teaspoon of liquid soap and mix the solution.
  • Pour the solution into a sprayer and apply on a dry and sunny day on areas you don’t want the vegetation to grow.

If there is any remaining, store it in a cool place and ensure to label it for easy identification.

Keep the weed killer out of the reach of your kids. While applying these on your ground or lawn, take necessary safety precautions and also use a quantity that is not excessive which may damage the quality of other plants.