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What Are Possible Dosages For Testosterone?

Testosterone is the best supplement of bodybuilding. It is used for fast recovery, awesome muscle gains, maximum strength and stamina, cutting and bulking cycles. It is formulated from terrestris extract and pumps up testosterone hormone level naturally. This hormone plays an important role to maintain and promote secondary sex characteristics in men. Superficial aspects of maleness, muscle strength and development, deepening voice and growth of body hair are implied by testosterone hormone. Low level of this hormone cause many problems for men and may be advised to testosterone therapy injections. Function of endocrine system is hormone secretion and production. Taper your testosterone dosage is really important these hormones have to work jointly in order to give optimal levels, functions and activities of hormones and as well as organs which are affected by them. Levels of testosterone in the body can vary individually and depends on age.

Dosages For Testosterone

During adolescence this hormone starts to appear in larger quantity and usually it remains same until adulthood the age of 30s -40s.An average for an adult male can 270 to 1,070 ng each deciliter and for a teenager ( 15-16 years old) can range 100 to 1200 ng each deciliter. Testosterone levels of man can higher and lower than these above averages. Hormones must be balanced in the body. So it is important to know basic knowledge about dosage and too much dosage may be major loss of wellness and health. Physicians and doctors usually prescribe injection dosage for testosterone replacement therapy and also suggested you to tapper your testosterone dosage. There are so many testosterone boosting creams, gels, lotions and pellets available. Dosages may vary different supplements according to their brand, milligram strength and product. Production of hormone can affected by metabolic system, diet, weight, activity level and stress. Dosages may differ depending on brand, product, and milligrams strength. Person must advise to doctor before begin any cycle. Excess of testosterone in the body can affect negatively. According to age testosterone levels should be in normal range otherwise adverse affects occur.

 Adjustment of the dosages can be difficult and depend on the method of delivery. It takes several weeks to peak in the bloodstream and it makes adjustments complicated. Injectable testosterone is easier than others to adjust. Absorption rates can be affected by transdermal patches.  If the hormone level is low then some side effects are shown such as not able to maintain or gain an erection, fatigue and moodiness. If hormone levels become high which affects immune system’s function.

 A research published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine advised that a person who has high levels of hormone have negative behaviors and chances of injury. Its other side effects are sexually transmitted infections, decrease sperm production & size of testicles, drinking and smoking. With the advice of doctor, should take hormone with all discretion and cautions. It is a powerful hormone. The proper dosage of testosterone is important for muscle growth. Tribulus terrestries, a natural booster is sufficient for any person.  Always careful about the dosage of testosterone hormone and should not take without advise a doctor.