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Winstrol And Its Benefits

Winstrol is one of the steroids that is available in both oral as well as injectable form. You may use any form that suits you as it has the same effect on the body. You can consume about 50 mg per day if you are a healthy man or about 20 mg per day if a woman. This is the ideal recommended dosage for all the users. However, there are many people who consume the steroid in more quantity to get the maximum benefit from it. Women who have a habit of consuming Winstrol orally should consume about 5 to 10 mg per day. This can be used by the drops that are sublingual (under the tongue).

Why use Winstrol

Winstrol And Its Benefits

Winstrol is used for bulking up muscle mass and adding strength to it in all aspects. Winstrol has more male users as compared to women. This is for the sole reason that Winstrol has androgenic effects which is not advised for women.It is better if you consult with your doctor before you start the consumption. The doctors would be the best judge to give you the right dosage advice to benefit from it. You should also stay in touch with them so that they can give you advise during the entire cycle. You can use the drops that are sublingual (under the tongue) as compared to the injections. It is recommended that you consume the dosage with a glass full of water. You should take care that children at home should not come in reach with it as it can be fatal for them. You should also store it away from direct sunlight and ensure it does not get moisture or heat over it.

The dosage recommended should be followed religiously so that you get the benefit from it. But as we are humans, errors are bound to happen. So, what happens when you miss on a dosage? This is the main question that many users ask. The best way to deal with this missed dose is wait for the next regular dose so that you do not disrupt the entire cycle. If you consume the dosage in between then it can lead to issues as the next dosage time would be changed. Usually the dosage is designed in such a way that as the previous dose losses its effects the next dosage is added into the system to support the changes and keep the rigor on. But you can also consume the missed dosage as soon as you remember only if the next dosage has time in between. This way you can be safe from being overdosed. But what if you get overdosed from it?

It may not be necessary that the overdose may have a life-threatening effect on your body but is still fatal in all possible terms. You would want to contact your medical practitioner under whom you are consuming the drug. They would be able to help you reverse the process to be keep you safe in all aspects.